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Groupe ecoPlus’s mission is to contribute to the development of comfortable, healthy, safe, economical and ecological buildings.


At Groupe ecoPlus, we aspire to  be the Canadian leader in energy efficiency and environmental hygiene. To be a socially and environmentally responsible company committed to an authentic sustainable development approach in alignment with our personal values. To be a place of personal and professional development for its team members, a committed player in its community and a place of technological innovation.

Our values


We are committed to a development approach that simultaneously respects economic efficiency, social equity and respect for the environment.

Effectiveness / efficiency

Operational effectiveness and efficiency are requirements for the economic development and sustainability of the company. They will engage us in a logic of continuous improvement, flexibility and innovation.


We have a responsibility to our customers, colleagues and other partners to conduct our business with the utmost integrity.


Our professionalism is the cornerstone of our legitimacy towards our customers and our other partners.

Social responsibility

We will help improve working conditions for employees, provide a harmonious and inclusive work environment, share our resources with those in greatest need and participate in building a fairer and happier society.