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Groupe ecoPlus’s mission is to contribute to the development of comfortable, healthy, safe, economical and ecological buildings in the markets it will serve.

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House Dust: A Useful Tool to Assess Microbial Contamination in Homes
House Dust: A Useful Tool to Assess Microbial Contamination in Homes

Introduction In recent years, there has been increasing concern about indoor air quality in houses. The family home can sometimes become a source of microbial contamination, where molds and bacteria proliferate. Inadequate ventilation and high moisture levels...

What is hiding inside your walls?
What is hiding inside your walls?

Are you concerned about the air quality in your home? Do you suspect mildew? Is there a family member who is sick or suffers from allergies and you want to know if your home is the source of the problem? Are you looking for expert opinion and advice? Indoor hygiene...

Air Quality
Air Quality

Air quality of a home is an important factor for comfort and well-being. Is the air that you breathe always clean? To have the air of your home tested, ask a professional from Services ecoPlus to perform an analysis. If someone often experiences discomfort, such as...