Air quality of a home is an important factor for comfort and well-being. Is the air that you breathe always clean? To have the air of your home tested, ask a professional from Services ecoPlus to perform an analysis.

If someone often experiences discomfort, such as headaches, tiredness, difficulty concentrating, colds, influenza, asthma, ear infections, pneumonia, irritation of the respiratory tract, or skin problems, it is highly possible that an indoor air quality test is required. Pregnant women, babies, older people and people with health problems such as respiratory problems or a weakened immune system are particularly vulnerable to poor air quality

If discomforts often experienced indoors disappear when leaving home for some time, air quality probably plays a role.

An air quality test (direct air test) should be requested when a building history provides grounds for concern.

A professional from Services ecoPlus collects an air sample that could hold contaminants, such as CO2, micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts and molds), dust, radon (a radioactive heavy gas seeping from the ground), carbon monoxide (from fireplaces, oil heating systems, garages and car ports near homes) and volatile organic compounds (solvents, fumes from styrofoam, gas, perfumes, and so on.) That is what is called an “air test”.

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