New EnerGuide rating scale gives you a consumption-based rating measured in gigajoules per year (GJ/year). The annual gigajoules per year rating allows you to see your score using units of energy similar to how you would see a consumption rating of kilowatt hours per year for home appliances, miles per gallon for vehicles, or calories per serving for food.

Your home’s EnerGuide rating calculation helps you understand your energy sources and the math that produced your home’s rating. The more intuitive rating scale makes it easier to understand the lower the number, the better energy performance of the home.

The unique and innovative label design is an energy performance snapshot of the more detailed information that you will find in the new Homeowner Information Sheet and allows you to see at a glance the largest energy uses in your home.

Your reference house, uniquely created for every home that’s rated, allows you to compare your rating to the rating your house would achieve if it were built to meet typical new home energy performance construction requirements.

For more information on the EnerGuide Rating System, visit Natural Resources Canada’s website at: