Novoclimat Program

ecoPlus Services, in consortium with our partner ecoÉnergie3R, is mandated by the government as an independent inspector for the certification of buildings compliant with the Novoclimat program for the Outaouais and Abitibi-Témiscamingue regions, the National Capital, Chaudière-Appalaches and Bas St-Laurent.


A Novoclimat building means an estimated energy saving of 20% for an average additional construction cost of 1%, an independently inspected building and a healthier and more comfortable environment for its occupants.

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The Novoclimat program has three sections: the Home, the Small Multiple-Unit Building and the Big Multiple-Unit Building.

Novoclimat defines the technical requirements to be observed when a house or a multiple-unit building is built in order to offer energy performance that exceeds the norms in effect.

The program includes the training and certification of construction contractors and specialists in ventilation, the inspection of dwellings when they are built, and the certification of compliant homes.

Lastly, the program also includes financial assistance that is available to:

  • the purchaser and the builder under the home section;
  • the promoter under the small multiple-unit building and big multiple-unit building sections.

Novoclimat encourages the construction of new homes and residential buildings with high energy performance, according to specific construction requirements.


To be eligible, the home must be built by a builder who has received training and obtained Novoclimat certification. Each home registered in the program is inspected by an independent evaluation consultant and receives government certification that confirms its superior energy performance.

The first owner also benefits from financial assistance.

Small Multiple-Unit Building

This program applies to duplexes, triplexes and quadruplexes as well as multiple-unit buildings of three or fewer storeys and 600 m2 and less. The types of buildings eligible are private, i.e. condominiums or dwelling units, or social housing.

The buildings must be built by a contractor who has obtained Novoclimat certification and use as the main energy source for heating electricity, natural gas, or residual forest biomass. The buildings are inspected, tested and delivered with government certification confirming that they meet the objectives of the Novoclimat program.

The buildings must be newly built or undergoing major renovation.

Big Multiple-Unit Building

This program applies to buildings of over 600 m² with up to 10 storeys in which electricity, natural gas or residual forest biomass is the main source of energy. The buildings must be newly built or undergoing major renovation.

It is not necessary for the contractor to be certified under the Novoclimat program. However, the promoter must have recourse to a Novoclimat certified ventilation specialist for the installation of the ventilation system.