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Safe management of asbestos

On construction sites, many jobs can expose workers to asbestos dust. For example, the removal of interior coverings (plaster, stucco, insulation, etc.) containing asbestos or the cutting and drilling of vinyl tiles can be problematic.

Our safe asbestos management services include:

  • Identification, sampling and characterization
  • Protocol, verification and post-decontamination attestation
  • Air tests during decontamination work
  • Post decontamination check
  • Vermiculite

Some building materials may contain asbestos. Asbestos may have been added during the manufacture of these materials or they may contain it naturally. These materials can be:

  • heat insulators
  • fiber cement materials (exterior cladding panels, soffit panels, pipes, etc.)
  • plaster, stucco, roughcast and other decorative finishes
  • cement-backed vinyl floor tiles and their adhesives
  • ceiling tiles and their adhesives and suspended ceiling panels
  • gypsum board and joint compounds
  • roofing asphalt shingles and roofing felt
  • various insulation (boiler, ventilation duct) and vermiculite insulation

The presence of asbestos is rarely indicated on the material containing it.