An EnerGuide home assessment, obtained as part of the EnerGuide Rating System initiative, is the first step in a smart renovation that will improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Renovations aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of your home can reduce your energy consumption bill and operating costs in addition to having a lower impact on the environment, while increasing your comfort, durability and resale value of your home.

An accredited ecoPlus Services energy advisor will assess your home from basement to attic, including a blower door test to locate and measure air leaks.

Following a computer energy simulation using Natural Resources Canada’s HOT2000 software, it will produce a personalized report with recommendations for the best improvements for your home.

You also receive an EnerGuide rating that indicates your home’s current level of energy efficiency compared to similar homes in your area and you will be informed of the rating you may get after renovations.

If you sell your home after making improvements, you can benefit from your rating as it is a standardized and objective measure of energy efficiency established by the Government of Canada.